With orders in hand, it’s officially official that our family of three will soon be residents of the state of Hawaii.

This move to Hawaii? 

Not the easiest Permanent Change of Station  (PCS) move, ever. 

Not the least complicated neither. 

And for the record, it has me feeling like a new military spouse, which, for the same record, is a totally new experience for me. For those who don’t know, when I married my beau, I already had a dependent ID. In fact, when I walked into the DEERS office at Fort Meade I was already in the system, they just had to switch me over to from child dependent to spouse dependent. 

I don’t care for the not knowing what to expect. I like an adventure as much as the next guy but I don’t care for being unprepared or not knowing where to cross all my t’s and dot all my i’s. 

So in preparation for a PCS to Hawaii (any PCS really), we began The Purge not that long ago. The Purge really means going through every single drawer, folder, cupboard, item in the house and deciding whether or not said item is really necessary or needed or even wanted. When we partook in the first purge at our last duty station, Fort Hood, The Purge was an exhausting, never ending process. We just had way too much, which is saying a lot when we had such a tiny little place. 

The Purge has gone by much smoother the second time around: 

We have less stuff to begin with AND we have learned to only bring into the house things we are really going to utilize. 

And yet with that said (and our weight allowance and smaller housing looming over our heads) we still went through everything in the house. Every bin in the garage, every kitchen gadget, every book on the shelf… you get the picture. 

For me, the hardest stuff to get rid of is homeschooling material. The amount of books we have is pretty staggering and adds up to a whole bunch of weight. Getting rid of books B has outgrown or that no longer are needed in our homeschool was huge. 

Purging will also make it easier (since everything is so well organized) to find and pull all the items we will ship ahead in our express shipment. I have never ever done an express shipment and didn’t even know they existed but with the option there and not knowing when our household goods will arrive, we are considering using this benefit and separating some items before the majority of our things are packed up. 

I have a feeling if we spend too much time in a hotel waiting on / finding housing that the express shipment will be moot but you just never know. Better to be safe than sorry.

Either way, I’m glad the Purge is mostly behind us (I have a stack of goodwill items in the garage mocking me). Although getting rid of household goods isn’t on the list of stuff they brief you on during the Overseas Briefing I’m certain it will come in handy as we move forward with this move and get ready to say hello to our new home for the next few years.