Out of all the newness that is our first PCS move “overseas,” nothing has rocked me to the core and washed over me with sadness more than the thought of losing Marley and not being able to find him a home. It has made everything else pale in comparison: never mind the logistics involved in this move (Y’all should see my spreadsheets for this move, and The Binder! The Binder! It is neatly organized and is only lacking a table of contents).

I had reached out to various Boxer organizations, even reaching out to those in nearby states, determined to find him a loving and permanent home. You see, we had never intended to give Marley up. When we adopted him and saved him from being euthanized in Killeen, TX we intended fully to be with him ’till the end. I’d hoped he turn grey and old and that he’d continue to dote on me as only he knew how.

For some reason, Marley believed himself to be Mine, wholly mine. He’d follow me around the house and hug me and love on me. He’d snuggle with me and act as if I was his, and I won’t lie: I loved his attention.

And boy, was he good! He listened and was teachable and goofy and funny and sweet and just PERFECT. He was the perfect playmate for Little B and old, cantankerous Nya.

Thankfully, my grief has been ebbed by Marley’s new family. They have been wonderful about keeping us updated with his progress, sending texts and photos and keeping us abreast of his progress. They are oh so happy with him and he seems to fit in perfectly with his family.

I am both ecstatic for him and them. And happy, oh so happy, for us and all involved.

For not feeling as if we abandoned him.

For new beginnings for all involved.

For love so big and new and powerful that it is humbling.

For sweet Marley, who as the sweet pup that he is, loves his family with no forethought. Who trusts and loves and hopes for the next moment with those who love him.

Life remains sweet, regardless of the circumstances.