Dolphin Quest Spray Fun  Let me premise this post by saying how grateful I am for those women who I have had the privilage of calling Friend. Seriously, I count myself so blessed to have had, over the years, such wonderful support, encouragement, honesty, love, care, and concern, not only for myself but for my boys as well by some amazing women who have called me in turn friend. When distance has taken us so far from the familiar, from the comfortable, from those who are family by birth and marriage, it has been the relationships nurtured and cherished that have sustained me and made my life ever so sweet.

I see in B and understanding of how rich and meaningful friendships can be to our daily lives. And I see in him a desire to nurture and feed and care for those relationships. We don’t take it for granted, let me say that.

So, with all that said, I am beyond touched by how sweet our friends were prior to our move from Fort Lee. Between my sweet friends, who I was blessed enough to spend a girls weekend with (and oh, how the memories of that time still bring me to loud peals of laughter!) and our neighbors who we love and adore and were so blessed to call family, our last few weeks in VA were bittersweet. I am so thankful for their love and support through my crazy health scare, living temporarily with friends, and all the craziness that PCSing can be.

And then we arrive in Oahu and our sweet friends from our first duty station are here waiting for us with open arms, love never ending, and friendship beyond measure. From the sweet leis that Jessica bought for us and placed over our heads, to taking us to favorite spots around the island, to opening their home without question or expectation…  I am so humbled and blessed and grateful.

Thank you, Jess, for making our move to Oahu so much easier, endlessly sweet, and perfect.

Thank you Robyn and Victoria and Amy and Tovah and Lynda: for loving me and My Boy, for taking us in and making our time in VA completely unforgettable.

Thank you T and Lewis for loving us like family, taking us into your home, and being the bestest friends we could ask for (I know bestest isn’t a word, but I swear it sounds perfectly right 🙂

I am blessed beyond measure!