There is so much more to a home than four walls, a roof, and a floor. When I think of home, I think of it often as the place where my heart is most content, most at ease, most filled to overflowing with love and kindness and acceptance. So it’s not uncommon for me to mention home as the place we are going to when we are visiting family. Or the places we have stayed at temporarily. Our hometown. And a myriad of places in between while traveling the journey of a military family over the last 13 years.

We have been without a physical address for quite some time. As in we stayed here, there, and everywhere while transitioning to our new home state of Hawaii. And now that we have the keys to our new home (B too, imagine that!), now that most of the house is settled and organized and set up just so… the things that make these four walls, roof, and a floor home are quickly making this place feel familiar and comfortable and homey and uniquely ours.

Things as simple as routines: my morning tea while I plan out the rest of the day. B’s artwork on the walls. Photos of loved ones dispersed throughout. Baking for my boys. Letting Nya out into the yard and watching her watch me while she contemplates whether or not she’s going to get her paws wet on the rain soaked ground. Brooks’s boots discarded by his chair. B’s blue hanging over the back of another chair. Items gifted to us by loved ones over the years. The sound of a ringing bell every time someone goes in or out.

These things and more make this new place home. I’m grateful for those things but more so for the memories contained within these walls, even though we’ve lived here a little over a week.

Some day we’ll pack our bags yet again and head somewhere new but regardless of where that someplace may be I’m so thankful that it won’t be long before the unfamiliar becomes familiar and cozy and warm and plain ol’ home. And I’m already looking forward to remembering and recounting stories of our time here in Hawaii.

Life remains ever so sweet.