Oh boy, oh boy!

I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around the fact that Little B is not so little anymore, and in fact, every day he shows in subtle and not so subtle ways how he’s growing, maturing, and turning into a young man. Every stage of his life has been fun, but every stage has also been cause for adjustments, be it in schedules, managing heart issues, friends, and imparting responsibility, among so many others. It’s a learning process, for the three of us, and thankfully, has been fodder for many discussions along the way.

I’m grateful for the heart my beau and son have not only for each other, but for our family. We truly enjoy each other’s company and I remain ever so thankful for that.

So seventh grade, although truly just another milestone in Brooks’s education, is cause for celebration. I have witnessed big changes this summer in my boy and it’s exciting to see how those changes will spur on changes in his schooling.

So we did what we do so well around here on big important days: we made it special, we did something to set that particular day aside for reflection, celebration, and joy. I kept things simple this year, y’all, and you know what? It was truly the most treasured of all our first days of schools.

I decorated the dining room simply for our special breakfast of too many pancakes, bacon, and fresh tropical fruit. I pulled out the table cloth and the fancy straws and pieces of tableware that were meaningful to our family. I wrote quotes to inspire my boy on his seventh grade journey and put them here and there around the room to delight and cause deep thinking.

We spent a lovely morning checking out new curriculum, taking an easy pace, laughing over unexpected results in our science experiment, and played some games. Lunch was a last minute change affair: fried peanut butter sandwiches paired with ice cold milk, veggie chips, and fruit. Brooks was so delighted at not just the laid back pace of the day, but at the way the schedule was set, that he worked so proficiently throughout the day, producing an amazing writing piece on his very first day of school. We worked on some fun art that held meaning to Brooks’s many “homes.” It led to a lot of reflection and memory sharing. We covered tough current events and discussed how things could be done differently.

We capped off the night with a quick ride to the North Shore, arriving in time for the sunset to dazzle with all it’s many colors, the water seemingly peaceful and serene. The boys ate too much sushi at one of our favorite spots, thinking about the ones we love that are so far away and who miss these moments and only experience them through the retelling.

But that’s okay. This is our journey now, and I have to say, for a first day… it was stellar.

It’s going to be a good day, not necessarily because I know it, but because with gratefulness we can see the silver lining even in some tough moments.

I’m grateful, for firsts, for memories, and for people to share them with.