Heading into my first class at Boston University in pursuit of another degree I knew things were going to be a bit wonky at times. Perhaps wonky isn’t the best word to describe filling in every open moment with copious amounts of reading, but it seems like it captures the wonkiness that is pursuing a master’s degree while homeschooling my seventh grader and being wife, ally, and best friend to my Beau.

In preparation, and very much keeping in mind the busyness that was our sixth grade year of homeschooling (not that it wasn’t every bit of amazing it could have been), we took a good long look at Brooks’s academic plan for the year, made sure it reflected not only a strong representation of the core subjects we always cover, but also streamlined his extra classes and activities into a category of “passions” and/or “must-haves.” I wanted to walk away with a good balance of challenging him while also staying true to not over-scheduling us and paying attention to the stuff he loves.

That was all good and dandy and I was feeling pretty proud of myself.

What do they say about pride coming before a fall? 😉

Proverbs 16:18King James Version (KJV)

18 Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

Okay, we didn’t get so much destroyed because in essence what came next was a melding of a blessing (Brooks getting more responsibility at work) and the culmination of LB’s robotics season (as well as a rearranging of bedtime to combat headaches The Boy was having).

So as we hit our stride in homeschooling and I killed, KILLED, my first semester (with the grace of God!) Brooks received the aforementioned information that he was about to incur more responsibility while at the same time LB was needing to attend more robotics meetings while combating headaches…

Did I mention I also tutor 21 students in el español?

I put off sleeping as much to make sure I helped and supported Brooks during a time period when putting in long hours is the norm. B and I worked the schedule for school as we could and worked on his bedtime routine to combat the headaches. I kept my readings for school close by to read what I could when I could and diligently worked the schedule while amazed at the energy God has given me lately to chug through what became some very long days.

The biggest balance in all this, juggling school work and homeschooling and being wife and mother as well, was making sure I was spending quality time with my boys. I know it sounds weird to think of it that way, in regards to the littlest Brooks in our household, but truth be told, poring over books and having long discourses or discussions on various topics, completing science experiments or working on programming… those things are all amazing and exciting and fun… but it doesn’t beat sitting down with B and playing video games or going for a walk with the dog with him or simply listening to music together… cooking in the kitchen together or drawing side by side…

Those are the moments when I can not only glimpse his heart but in which we can enjoy just being together.

And then of course, my poor beau. Who is working long hours and sometimes the extent of our time together was him working on his computer while I sat nearby, curled up with my reading and a cozy blanket. Sometimes the most time we had together was while I was cooking breakfast for him while I tried to figure out what the rest of our day might look like.

So, it wasn’t easy, but when you look at the big picture (this is just a season, this isn’t forever) and you couple that with your blessings (Brooks is doing something he absolutely loves, I have the ability to go to school and have so much support from my friends and loved ones, B is enjoying his school year and still finding time to spend with the friends he so loves, we are all healthy and happy and grateful) then the tough stuff doesn’t seem so tough as much as this-is-our-now.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t miss spending time together. So on Friday night we took off, just the two of us in search of a date that is not so much just dinner and a movie (though that’s exactly what we did) but an adventure, something new we could do together while enjoying each others company (even though it involved rush hour traffic and me reading on the way down to our date spot).

We ended up in Kaimuki. I’ve been in Kaimuki with my sister and Little B to eat at one of our favorite spots on island, Happy Days restaurant. I had no idea my search for a quirky and different spot to watch a movie would take us close to one of our favorite eating spots. Searching for a fun and different date minutes before we left the house found me trying to decipher this place called the Movie Museum. The show foreign and old movies as well as new stuff. It’s a good mix. And the website said there were leather seats involved and you could bring in your own food and drink. I was already sold. I called the number listed and can you believe a real person answered the phone? And not just any person, a gentleman who embodies the aloha spirit through and through. He took his time to explain his establishment, gave us clear directions, and then happily asked about our eating preferences while raving about establishments in his area that would no doubt leave us satisfied and full. He was all sorts of awesome.

We ended up arriving early, so we checked out various spots, picked out a location for dinner after the movie, and bought a present for the family to be withheld until Christmas at the comic book store nearby. The Movie Museum was tiny but amazing. We reclined in leather chairs with our fellow movie goers, held hands, and every so often I snuck looks at my Beau and marveled at how lucky I was (true story, as sappy as it sounds).  Dinner was as fabulous as promised and we ended up having an amazing time, catching up, and just enjoying each others company.

Dating is pretty awesome, even after you’ve said “I do.”

And even though we have been super duper busy, things are slowing down and nearing normal.

Life is good.

It’s sweet.

And as always, I remain every so grateful.