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After an amazing morning with a dear friend, we spent the rest of the day with some friends. Brooksy really enjoys spending tome wh this family, as do I, so it was no wonder that after some pretty serious indoor play the kiddos begged to ride bikes outside.

Now, as the kiddos rushed outside, obvious childlike glee etched into their faces, I thought to myself that Brooks and I could play catch. The Boy and I have tried to get the bike riding thing down. I tried the holding onto the bike seat thing, the running next to him thing, using the sidewalk for leverage, coasting… I’d run out of ideas really. So it didn’t even cross my mind that he would want to try. And yet he did.

As we went outside through the garage he spied a smallsih bike and immediately said he wanted to try. But first Kat took him up and down the street on the back of her bike. And then he got on the smaller bike, wobble a few times, and stopped.

At that moment, thoughtful and kind Kat, approached him and began to coach him. All of a sudden BB took off! and wonder of wonders I caught the whole thing on video!

I was so excited for him because I knew how dejected he felt every time we tried. And here he just took off! My boy! Bike riding!


Because it was a federal holiday I decided to be nice to to The Boy and only made him do a half day of homeschool. Before you feel bad for him, keep in mind we’re playing hooky tomorrow since we’re planning on taking a trip to Austin. Before you think I’m a terrible homeschooling mama, keep in mind the trip to Austin entails a trip to the Bob Bullock State Museum… and a trip to some Austin food trailers. If we’re already there, we might as well.  That’s my philosophy anyway.

So I was feeling pretty good, it being a federal holiday and all, and us taking the day nice and slow, when I got a call from only my most favorite person in the world (okay, both Brooks’ are tied in that category, but you get the picture). Federal Holiday, nice weather, and Facetime with the man who still causes me to stumble into heart palpitations: it was a good start to a good day.

I have say this, though: when Brooks called, I was in the middle of weeding outside. It was such a gorgeous morning – perfect weather for that type of thing. So when Brooks called I continued weeding while we Facetimed (I know that’s not a word, but it should be) and it was so nice because in so many respects, especially with seeing each other and the amazing connection, it was almost like he’d come in from work and was keeping me company while I worked outside. It may sound weird, but for a little bit of time it felt truly like he was home. Like I said, a good start to a good day!

The rest of the day was just as wonderful. The Boy and I played outside for a few hours. It was just so nice out. Brooks friend came over to play for a little bit and then we tried our hand at the bike riding, again. Bike riding, take two was not nearly as awful as day one. It gave me a lot of hope that he’d get the hang out of it clear of his 18th birthday.

If Little Brooks wasn’t so cautious, I’d venture to say he’d be riding circles around me already. But it’s so ingrained in who he is, he can’t move past it. Every single time he knows I’m not “holding” him, he wobbles and that’s the end of that. That Child rode that bike the whole length of the front of my house. The front yard is pretty big.  And he did it several times. But he still thinks he can’t do it. Oh boy, oh boy! So for sure there will be a bike riding, take three. Not tomorrow but for sure the day after that. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he gains enough confidence he just takes off.

After playing our little hearts outside, and practicing his shots for a tournament this weekend, we came in and LB helped me make dinner. When Brooks is gone I don’t cook nearly as much as I do when he’s home. I can make a big pot of Something and live off of that for a few days. So we settled on a Minestrone Soup since we had all the ingredients on hand and because BB has been working on his knife skills in the homeschool co-op and vies for any chance at home to practice.



It’s kind of amazing that a child who is so conscious of avoiding injury would enjoy cutting things with a knife. He loves it. He even insisted on tackling the onions, even though it took him thirty minutes to finish since he had to keep leaving the room. He even tried tying one of my kitchen towels over his face, but quickly found out that covering his nose and mouth isn’t the problem.

Our soup turned out delicious. Brooks loves adding spices to food we make together so I never know what we’ll end up with. He used some smoked paprika and it turned out delicioso! Yay for leftovers!

After dinner Little Brooks tried his hand at making blow paint googly eye monsters. I copied the idea from a new blog I ran across yesterday:

It’s a super cute craft and since my boy loves anything and everything to do with monsters it was a perfect fit for our art project today. The concept is simple. You take paint that has been slightly watered down and you add it by spoonful to your paper. We used heavy paper so that the water wouldn’t ruin the whole thing. You then take a straw and blow the paint around any way you want. Brooks’ favorite part of the whole thing was adding spoonfuls of paint to the paper so the colors would mix when he blew. Tomorrow if it’s not too late when we return home from our fun day, we’ll add googly eyes and cut the monsters out so that we can display them. This might end up being a repeat project, since Brooks had so much fun making these today.

It was truly a perfect Monday!


After church and a nice lunch with friends, The Boy and I headed out to try and find him a bike. A friend suggested we try to buy a used one, which I thought was rather thrifty. That didn’t work out so well. The bikes we were able to find were either girl bikes, or worse, not very safe.

When I told Brooks we’d have to buy a new one, he groaned. He knows I’m not too great at putting things together, let alone reading instructions. This was going to be a challenge! After finding a bike we hurried home where Little Brooks excitedly helped find all our tools (I should say my mom’s tools, since she buys them and solely uses them). I had envisioned a box full of a hundred different odd looking pieces. It wasn’t that bad, which I think made me feel more confident than I should have.

We did manage to put the bike together in a reasonable amount of time. Brooks loved using all the tools and even helped decipher some of the images for me on the manual. The only problem we ran into was attaching the brakes (I really considered quiting, but poor LB must have seen that look on my face because all of a sudden he got very encouraging in his remarks regarding my mechanical abilities). Hey, sometimes we all need a little encouragement!


After that fiasco, lo and behold, our air pump was MIA. Of course that would happen. I knew we had used it recently to pump up a basketball so I was pretty miffed. I’m so good about keeping the house organized and yet the pump is still missing. I’m sure we’ll find it when we have absolutely no use for it. There must be some universal law about that, because it always holds true around here.

Off we went, assembled bike and all, to the nearest shoppette to inflate the tires. Back home we went. Little Brooks was so excited he pulled the bike out of the car all by himself. Off we went to try our hand at bike riding. My mother taught me how to ride my bike by encouraging me to use the sidewalk for leverage if I began to tip over. That’s really all I remember. Yet, everyone else seems to have learned by an adult running alongside while holding onto the seat. I decided that majority rules and went with that method. Mind you, I hadn’t been able to change from church, so I was in a dress. And sandals.

We must have gone up and down the street forty times easy. Forty times! Every time I let go, because he was balancing himself, he’d look down, look at me and start to wobble. And then he’d tip over. Have I mentioned that he avoids injury like the plague? I’m mightily impressed that several times when he should have ended up scraped and bruised he would somehow end up on the grass and then would tumble. Seriously, a few times we were no where near the curb. How he does it I do not know.

Needless to say, today was definitely: bike riding, take one.

He gave himself a big ol’ pep talk on the way in, we chuckled about all his near misses and then I laid on the coach for fifteen minutes to catch my breath. Maybe it was twenty-five.

Tomorrow we’ll be out there again, because according to Brooks he doesn’t want to be eighteen and still working on riding his bike. I don’t want that either.