The longer I live in Central Texas the more I fall in love with it. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love experiencing all four seasons for all they’re worth. I love playing in the snow as much as any eight year old. The colors of fall are magnificent in the Northeast, and should definitely be seen for oneself. I absolutely love Portland, OR and don’t think anything comes close to Washington D.C. Then again, I haven’t lived everywhere yet (thanks Army stabilization).

There is something beautiful about Central Texas though. And the longer I live here the less I am able to withstand the cold weather. Seriously, I thought the few days of frigid weather were a bit much, and they weren’t much to write home about. And for the first time, I’ll admit it… I reconsidered the whole wearing sandals in the snow. Central Texas is making me soft.

But I love all that this little piece of our country has to offer. I love the landscape and the weather. I love the city of Austin and all the quirkiness that makes it unique. I love the proximity to San Antonio and Dallas and Houston and all the points in between. With all the exploring and hiking and camping and museum hopping we’ve done since arriving here we’ve yet to do everything. And with all the festivals, special events, plays, symphonies, etc we never run out of fun stuff to see and do. Really, I just love it here.

So obviously with all the amazingness (I know that’s not a word) of Central Texas our calendar is usually pretty full. And I’m usually hearing of new stuff, which then either is added to the calendar or then again it’s not. My mom used to take us on weekends to check out new spots, little adventures or day trips to different places nearby. And when we got older she got us a family membership to the zoo so we could go whenever we liked. I loved that. And I think that whole philosophy has stuck with me because I get so excited about new places, events, etc. Seriously, I’m usually the one in the crowd with the permagrin.

Which brings me back to my calendar. This morning as I opened up my email I was inundated with all these announcements from fellow homeschoolers about places to visits, events to attend, reminders about field trips, etc. And I so desperately wanted to go to all of them, but my calendar won’t allow it. Not because it won’t all fit. I say where there is a will there is a way. More because I choose to live my life in moderation, without excess of anything but love, well… love and coca-cola.

Last deployment I was a volunteer, student, and mother to a homeschooler (ie. an instructor). My calendar was insane. I was constantly running around and answering phone calls, emails, etc. And as much as I loved it, and I truly did, it just felt wrong to me. It felt wrong for me, for my family, and for my sanity. Overextension is just not pretty any way you chalk it up. And in a deployment situation taking care of yourself is so important, because so many depend on you.

So, today as much I didn’t want to, I had to take some things off of my calendar to make room for other things that we deemed more important. Life is truly about balance. I may not like it sometimes, but it surely holds true.

For those wondering our day was busy but wonderful. We spent a few hours on homeschool this morning and then headed to our local homeschool co-op. Little Brooks chose to take an outdoor games class, and then signed up for two back to back cooking classes. He enjoys the classes and I enjoy hearing about the things he’s learned that someone else has taught him. Afterwards we went to a wonderful friends house for dinner. She made us a wonderful dish she found on the food blog, The Smitten Kitchen; seconds were a must! I love spending time with friends… I think I’ve been a mom to a kid for so long that I seriously found myself referring to tonight’s dinner as my “playdate.”  It’s not as embarrassing as trying to get my husband to drink out of a baby bottle (though I chalk that up to sleep deprivation) but it’s close enough. After a relaxing dinner we headed to BB’s basketball practice where our hard work in the evenings is paying off as he’s looking sharper out there.

The only glitch in the whole day was forgetting my phone at my friends’ house. That’s a huge infraction during a deployment. Thankfully Brooks has been calling every day closer to noon so I’m pretty sure I won’t miss his call. We’ll keep our fingers crossed over here!