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This has been, thus far, our busiest homeschool week since we started seven weeks ago. Between new stuff kicking off and extra practices for flag football, as well as our all day planned field trip for today, I was looking forward to this week with a bit of respectable fear. Would I make it through all the driving, and planning, and organizing? Or would I barely make it through with my sanity? Thankfully, the planning and organizing led to a pretty successful school week. We made it to all our planned activities as we moved closer and closer to what The Boy and I were looking forward to most: apple picking, hay riding, cider drinking, donut tasting fun at Carter Mountain Orchard AND a hike at Crabtree Falls. 

Obviously, even the best laid plans must be waylaid. As I mapquested our way from here to there to the falls I realized I’d forgotten to check the weather forecast. And sadly, although it wasn’t 100 percent certain rain would fall at Crabtree Falls I wasn’t risking the drive there to face a three hour back without a hike under our belt. I figured we’d go to the orchard and then come home, maybe even bake something with our apples, watch a movie, something. But I couldn’t shake the hike out of my veins. I wanted to hike so badly, and I was looking forward to seeing the beginnings of seasonal changes in the trees. 

Monticello was literally down the road from the orchard. And as we’d driven up the mountain I’d noted a pretty sweet trail that cut across the road. I told B, let’s find it. I love his trust in me. He was certain we’d find it though I had no clue where to go. Thankfully, Google never fails. Monticello has a pretty sweet trail that you can access from one of their parking lots. It’s called the Saunders-Monticello trail and we took that sucker almost to the end, only returning as we noticed how much time we’d spent back there. 

The trail was beautiful. And easy, though there are inclines to contend with. Most of the trail is above ground on a wooden walkway. Some is covered in stones, but, it’s incredibly accessible. I saw several momma’s running with their babies in strollers. We were able to go “off trail” onto what they called their rustic trail, which seemed to me more like traditional hiking, but it was pretty steep, and although gorgeous was the toughest part of the hike. 

B’s favorite part was the pond. He could have stayed skipping stones past dinner. He reluctantly left the side of the pond to join me for the rest of the hike but he enjoyed his time there most. 

All in all, I love how we are kicking off fall around here. I’m loving all this time with My Boy. And although I know he’d cringe if he knew it, for some reason, this fall is especially bittersweet. As the seasons change, summer into fall, it reminds me of how B is changing as well. I’m watching him grow and mature before my eyes, and the process seems so rapid these past few weeks. As he held my hand through various parts of the hike, or called in delight at a new discovery, I marveled at all the changes and felt grateful beyond measure for having been witness to it all. 

Life is so incredibly sweet. 


Fall 2013 Bucket List

 Finally, after a few weeks of watching it mock me on my calendar the Julius Family 2013 Bucket List is COMPLETE!

Places to Visit


Visit an orchard for apple picking: Carter Mountain Orchard

Visit a pumpkin patch

Go on a hike at the Natural Bridge Park in VA

Go to Belvedere Plantation and try their Maize Maze

Visit a local farmer’s market

Go for a hike at Crabtree Falls


Things to Make


Make art with leaves

Make a new fall banner for inside the house

Make a new bat garland for the front porch

Make a leaf garland

Make apple prints

Make pumpkin scented playdough

Make leaf prints

Make a pinecone bird feeder

Doodle on freshly collected leafs (The Artful Parent)

Autumn Cork Painting (The Picky Apple)

Make shaving cream painted leaves (Little Wonder Days)

Autumn Leaves Stained Glass (The Artful Parent)

Make leaf monsters 

Make a spider web and play a game with it

Tree and Leaf Rubbings (Martha Stewart)

Make a Turkey Suncatcher (Imagination Station)

Pumpkin Face Paper Craft (Deep Space Sparkle)

Paint and play with maple tree seeds (El Hada de Papel)

Make and play with chestnut flyers (Badut)

Make corn necklaces to give away (Goose and Binkey)

Make handprint turkeys

Make pumpkin pinch pots (The Chocolate Muffin Tree)

Make crayon drip pumpkins (life with Moore Babies)


Things to Do


Enjoy apple cider

Go on a fall color drive

Play in the leaves

Carve a pumpkin

Make a fall wreath

Decorate a pumpkin with paint

Watch a fall related movie (thinking classic Charlie Brown)

Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

Go camping at Pocahontas State Park

Go for a bike ride at Petersburg National Battlefield

Go on a hayride

Plant mums

A fall nature scavenger hunt

Go on a picnic

Play flag football

Go to a football game

Update the thankful tree for Thanksgiving 2013

Roast smores

Sit by the fire

Fly a kite!

Read fall themed books

Play games with gourds

Erupting Pumpkins Experiment (Growing a Jeweled Rose)

Pumpkin Bowling  (Jenetics)

Host an indoor mini goard/pumpkin scavenger hunt

Attend the Richmond Folk Festival October 11-13th

Attend the 25th Annual ATT Virginia Children’s Festival October 5th

 Shoot homemade BB gun targets


Recipes to Make


Make a big batch of chili

Bake some pies

Make homemade caramel apples

Roast pumpkin seeds

Bake pumpkin bread

Bake pumpkin cookies

Bake pumpkin scones

Bake pumpkin muffins

Make apple sauce

Make pumpkin waffles or pancakes

Make roasted pumpkin soup

Make homemade apple cider donuts