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It’s been rather cold and yucky out. More than that, because we returned from visiting family Sunday and because I was still not feeling 100 percent and because all the things that need to be done after being gone from home for more than a few days needed to be done my poor boy has been cooped up in the house and was really craving some outside, romp around, run and play time. Thankfully, two of B’s friends came over earlier in the week to play. B was so excited and grateful to spend some time with his friends he kept looking out the window all morning to see if they’d arrived. 


So I was thrilled when a friend suggested a trip to the playground/walk at Point of Rocks. We’ve hiked Point of Rocks before but we apparently didn’t go far enough nor did we venture into the pretty amazing part. This just means we have to visit again with Big Brooks in tow… a few times at least. It was a neat hike and rather longish; long enough to satisfy the hike craving one gets but seldom gets satisfied if the trail is just too short and was just long enough to get the wiggles out of My Boy. 


I especially loved catching moments of the hike on my camera. There is something about kids and nature that pulls at my heart strings. I love the gusto with which kids tend to view nature when taught that it’s not icky but this amazing thing that is ever changing and has so much to offer. When Brooks is bent over tugging at rocks stuck hard in the dirt, or when he looks long and hard at some particular aspect of the trail, or even when he finds a fallen branch and works it into a walking stick, or poking stick, or some other implement (a sword, commonly)…those are the moments I’m grateful that I ignore my insect fear and lavish with him in the beauty that is our Earth. 


So, although it seems that I spend most of my life grateful, and I do, I really do, I was so so grateful for the time spent with friends in the outdoors. I am even more grateful for this small group of women who have welcomed us into their lives and allowed us to, for perhaps a short amount of time due to military obligations, to be a part of their lives. 


I will forever be grateful.


Beyond that, as I was taking the morning to slowly wake up and enjoy a slow paced, pajama kind of day, I thought back to this week and beyond that to the days I was feeling poorly over Christmas. I am one lucky girl to be married to a pretty understanding, patient, and loving guy. He works so hard to take care of us, never complains, and even when exhausted makes sure to spend time with us in the pursuit of things that really matter to us. Although I make it a goal to never neglect him and to take care of him and love on him I think that this particular week I forgot to tell him not only how much we appreciate him but how grateful I am that his hard work has allowed me to stay home to homeschool The Boy. So The Boy and I are planning on doting on The Man when he gets home tonight. It’s nice to be appreciated, don’t you think? Just because you may be doing what you should be doing doesn’t necessarily mean, I think, that you shouldn’t be applauded for doing those things. If that makes sense. 

Life remains sweet. Always.


This crazy cool tree had a hole from one end to the other, but brambles kept us from getting too close


Yesterday was supposed to be a day to kick back and relax. Quite honestly, we’d all had a fun, but busy week and a day to lounge around after playing in the snow into the wee hours the night before sounded like pure bliss. The boys had slept in and I had been pretty productive with my schoolwork. After relaxing and playing Minecraft with B I wanted to get out. But even more so, the snow outside had only partially melted. The woods behind the house were calling to me and I just couldn’t resist getting The Boy all bundled up, the dogs leashed, and DBrooks on board for a quick hike and adventure before the sun set.

So although we’d had a fantabulous day relaxing and enjoying each others company we set out on an impromptu hike.

Little B was all smiles and ubber excited to go. How could he not be? We’ve been hiking since he was an itty bitty thing and the outdoors always has treasures to find and explore. And if all else fails, rocks or sticks with which to play, dig in the mud or dirt, and nooks and crannies to explore.

Little B and Princess Pea

Marley was just as excited, though Nya seemed perturbed most of the time. I think the cold wet snow was not to her liking, unless she was licking it.

Crazy puppy

Sure enough it wasn’t long before we found some new things to look at. Most of the leaves have fallen off the trees (quite different from Central Texas) so we could see far ahead of us, although when we’d explored this particular area when we moved here the woods were dense with foliage and birds. Trekking through the snow allowed us to see animal tracks that we may have missed otherwise.

Animal Tracks Log

The boys quickly found sticks with which to prod things. We even found a small section of a stream partially frozen that BB wanted to jump on (really?!) and which I had to say no to. It feels good to say no sometimes. I’m just saying.

Itty Bitty Bird Tracks

We had already decided that before we headed in we’d shoot the BB gun. I’m a terrible shot and Little B was a great teacher. After a quick tip from The Boy my shots were hitting the target (lately, he’s begun imparting small tidbits of wisdom, and hence, I find myself being the student, not so much the teacher…very cool, if you ask me!).

Our target? A partially filled disposable water bottle suspended from a tree in the backyard that Big Brooks hung after climbing up a tree.

A little BB gun play before dinner

To end the night, warm turkey chili from the crock pot and a movie. I call that a perfect day with My Boys.