Is it only Tuesday?


I was prepared for today to be super busy, which in my book, was excellent news since we’re in between phone calls.

Being in between phone calls is tough. It blows. You’re not quite sure when The Call might come in, but your ear is constantly trained on your phone, just in case. You find yourself running for the phone and checking it, even at the remotest sound that might be your phone ringing, or singing, depending on the ring tone. And worst yet, you find yourself answering every single phone call that comes in. Just in case. Which means you take calls you wouldn’t normally answer, at moments you’d rather not (such as the middle of homeschooling, or more awkwardly, while in the restroom – true story).

I try to pretend I’m not waiting on The Call, but really, I am. Every second. Just to hear his voice one more time and know that he’s okay, and eating, and not entirely miserable. Missing The Call is devastating, not just because you so desperately want to talk to your better half, but because you can just imagine the anguish and disappointment your soldier will inevitably feel when they don’t get anyone on the other line, if you don’t hear The Call come in.

So while I pretended not to focus so much on the phone, and the aforementioned Call, my boy displayed an unbelievable amount of energy. Sometimes I think that the more tired I feel, the more energy he possesses, almost at if the energy I’ve lost, he’s somehow magically gained.  It’s a beautiful thing, really. I can appreciate it, as haggard as I am.

So after a morning of homeschooling we headed to gymnastics (which seemed to provide him with more energy), had a mini play-date, fed the  ducks at  the Central Texas College campus, and then headed home for some games, cookie baking, and snuggling under blankets while reading How to Train Your Dragon.

We had such a busy day I wasn’t able to go on a Dice Walk with The Boy. Dice Walks are fun and silly and great for using up all the extra energy little boys so beautifully possess. You use a die that you can hand draw yourself, though I’ve heard you can buy them as well, with arrows pointing in different directions. Every time you come to a corner you roll the die to figure out which way you’ll go next. We love our Dice Walks because we never know where we’ll end up and what we’ll see and how lost we’ll become. It’s an adventure all on its own. I think that’s the best part. With tomorrow’s yucky weather rolling in I’ll have to get creative to use up some of my boys never ending energy while cooped up inside.

One of Brooks’ favorite activities today was our “arrow” tossing game. We created a circle with string in the middle of the living room. We then took straws and stuck small play dough balls on the end, hence creating our “arrows.” We took turns throwing our arrows into the circle, while trying to land them on top of other arrows so that we could claim them. Super simple game, and The Boy was able to skip and hop and run around while playing. Today was definitely a get-up-and-play-a-game day, as opposed to a board-game-day.

After our game Little B took the arrows and created sculptures with them. His idea not mine. His sculptures turned out neat and kept him busy while I got the cookie making materials ready.

All in a all, a wonderful day, though The Call would have  made it especially sweet, and oh so perfect.