I’ve been looking forward to today since I learned that VLA, the local theater, was hosting a workshop for their upcoming children’s play. I’ve always felt that if Brooks would try his hand at drama he would discover a passion for it within himself that he never knew existed. He’s always done well at small scale productions, such as skits in Campfire, or small dramas within a church setting. I’ve tried to coax him to try his hand at something at a grander scale but have always been given a definitive no. So I was naturally thrilled at the idea of a workshop, presuming that the nature of the program would help Brooks get over his skittishness over acting. And I was right!

The workshop consisted of three parts: choreography, music, and acting. They taught the kids a small portion of Cinderella and at the end parents, friends, and relatives were treated to a small show. I was so excited to see Brooks up there, natural as all get out, as if he’d been doing this sort of thing his whole life. Off stage, while he waited for his cue, he was a bundle of energy, hopping about and moving nonstop. How he heard his cue is beyond me, but he did well. He came out on time, had nice big facial expressions, and nailed his part. Of course, the boys had the easy part. The poor girls had a small dance, a song, and hand movements to learn. Brooks just had to act disgusted at the girls while he made a big circle around them and then exited off stage behind them.

So in one week’s time we’ll head back to VLA to try our hand at tryouts. He’s hoping to get a minor part. He had so much fun. He’s been talking about the experience nonstop. For sure this seems to me like something he’ll have a passion for, so we’ll get him as involved as we can as opportunities present themselves.

After the workshop we headed on post for his basketball game. Brooks worked so hard. I know he would have made D.Brooks proud. It was a nail biter of a game: we almost went into double over time and only walked away with the win in the last few seconds of the game. The kids were so excited that they won, since they all worked hard for it.

After the game, CYS had scheduled a shooting tournament by grade level. Little Brooks competed against five other kiddos and ended up coming in third. I think his nerves got the best of him because at home he hits his shots consistently. He was so upset with himself afterwards he wouldn’t talk the whole way home. I know he’s competitive but I think that he was disappointed in himself more than anything. We had a huge heart to heart and he’s ready to work hard so that next year he can try his hand at it again.

By the time we came home I was ready to call it a day, but we wanted to finish D.Brooks’ care packages. The box I found was so big that we decided to combine our packages. Little Brooks worked on his time capsule by coloring the outside of the box. Then he filled it with a few items to represent the month of February: the money the tooth fairy gave him, a picture of a bike representative of learning to ride without training wheels, a piece of string to represent the rope he climbed at gymnastics, a fossil I found today, and the ribbon he won at the shooting tournament. He also added a few extra put-ups for his Daddy Put Up Jar. Lastly, he went through every single piece of artwork he’s created recently and carefully picked out the pieces he wanted this Daddy to have.

We’re sending a whole lot of love a really long way.