It’s a curious thing really. One of those pressing questions that need investigation, at the very least some good contemplation. Why, oh why, am I always tired when Brooks is stateside but a raging insomniac when he’s gone? If it wasn’t so sad and annoying it’d be funny.

Honestly though, when he’s home I’m fighting fatigue and by the time we get to the clean up after dinner I’m ready to lay down. And now he’s gone again, and again I find myself being unable to get a good nights sleep. And I have energy to spare most days! So this morning when I woke up at three in the morning, yet again, I was more than pleased to see that Brooks was online.

What a crazy feeling to be able to call him and get a hold of him, ring tone and everything! It’s so nice to talk and laugh like he’s just down the road at work, not on the other side of the planet. And I had to laugh when he heard the start of PT being announced through the speakers on post. I’ve become so accustomed to them I don’t always register that they are going off. You have to love the stellar connection!

What an amazing start to our decreed Pajama Day! To celebrate our relaxed day at home we made homemade pop-tarts. I found the recipe on The Smitten Kitchen:

Little Brooks was super excited to help. He was especially excited about picking out his own fillings for his pastries. At first he was okay with just chocolate chips. But at the last second he decided that crumbled up left over corn blueberry muffins from earlier this week would be amazing. Hey, it’s his stomach, not mine.

The pop-tarts, for those wondering, were unbelievable. They really should only be made when you have a crowd to share them with though. After breakfast The Boy kept asking for them. For snack, for lunch, for dinner… for after dinner. I haven’t shared with him that I’ve been thinking about them just as much, although his repeated requests surely aren’t helping.

Our pajama day was fun. We homeschooled in jammies, went for a skate/walk in them, played board games in them, worked on some art in them… you get the picture. I think the fun thing about a pajama day is being able to wear your jammies all day while NOT being sick. Usually when we’re in jammies all day it’s because one of us is sick, and you can’t rightly enjoy the pajamas all day if you’re throwing up or head-achy.

As a side note, our art project today was called Blottos, by Mary Anne Kohl. Super duper easy, which was perfect for us since we were vegging in front of the TV watching Despicable Me. You take paper (I chose our largest pieces we have on hand) and dribble paint all over or wherever you’d like. Then you fold the paper over (I prefolded to make this easier) and you squish the paint around. Little Brooks was so excited that he got to dribble the paint right out of the containers. For sure one of his pieces will have to go overseas to his Daddy!

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!