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One of the things I look forward to most year in and and out is celebrating B’s birthday. I love every step of it, from the planning and shopping to the executing, even the clean up. Little B and I usually sit down together sometime in February or March to pick out his theme so I can begin brainstorming, researching, and compiling all the necessary items before the big day. 

But beyond all that, I love sharing in the celebration of his life with those who love him and cherish him and are just as excited to celebrate with him. Because for me that is what birthdays are all about. It’s about celebrating the life of the person who is around to see another year. It’s about spending time with them, joyfully and excitedly participating in the celebration of what a birthday truly is. 

I am so grateful for another birthday, for another season in B’s life. I am grateful for amazing friends, for the both of us, who sustain us and lift us up and make life that much sweeter. And I’m grateful for family, and the ability for them to travel, and partake in the celebrating as well. 

B’s party this year was too much fun. He wanted a nerf party, which is super simple enough because all we really needed were moving boxes, plenty of crepe paper and butcher paper to hang up, and some easy to find military gear to use as props. Finding games to play that we designated as “missions” was easy too; the internet is replete with them. BIg Brooks made films to show the kids in the Briefing Area of the house with details of the mission and team assignments (makes it so much easier when you have 13 excited boys ready to play). And before the fun even started, the kiddos went to the Assembly Area to pick up homemade nerf dart pouches, eye pro (ie. sunglasses), and official looking identification tags to wear. We even provided face paint for those who might want to look the whole part (only two took us up on that 🙂  ). After dinner, cake, and a sundae bar the kiddos played inside and outside to their hearts content: there may or may not have been cardboard box sumo wrestling, baseball, video game playing, s’more making, ghost story telling, camping, flashlight tag, a movie replete with homemade buttery popcorn, sword fighting, and endless bouts of nerf. The kiddos may or may not have gotten about 2 or 3 hours of sleep (this momma about the same). And there may or may not have been delicious fluffy pancakes and bacon for breakfast. 

It was the best way to spend B’s 11th birthday, truly. 


Life remains sweet. 


I really dislike it when Brooks’s birthday rolls around and I find myself so far away from him. It’s hard not to feel a bit sad that he’s spending his special day away from the ones who love him and cherish him and miss him. This isn’t the first birthday we’ve missed together, and it certainly may not be the last. Either way, I am so thankful that as another year passed, we are all healthy and safe and well, and at the end of the day that’s all that counts. We’ll tuck away this day, and save the celebration for later.



I am so thankful that today I was able to spend a good bit of time on the phone with you. It was wonderful hearing your voice. And the whole time we spoke, I really wanted to tell you the bazillion ways in which I love you, and so much more. Sometimes, those conversations are hard. They make me tear up, bringing to the forefront all those emotions I so neatly tuck away when your gone. The reality of the separation sometimes is too much.

So, Cipe, if I could, tell you, without crying and mumbling, sniffling, which is not attractive in the least, and then feeling bad because I know how much you want to make it better for me but can’t, I would tell you the following:

On this, your 29th birthday, I want you to know that I love you beyond measure. I am so thankful for that moment in high school when I looked at you and realized that you were the one, but more importantly, that you felt the same way. I want to celebrate the man that you are, the amazing husband and father, the guy who has both Brooks and I vying for one on one attention from you, the one we dote on, and admire, and wish to spend time with more than anyone else on this Earth.

If I could I would wish for the most perfect day for you, a day surrounded by family and loved ones, a room filled with laughter and love, decorations and too much cake.

I can’t imagine what the next 29 years will bring, but I know you’ll still take my breath away. You’ll still be the one I long for, the one I dream of, my knight in shining armor :).

Happy birthday, Cipe!